7 Things You Need to Know to Make the Perfect Mixtape

Katie Mix-a-fair-amount Nov 4th 2019

7 Things You Need to Know to Make the Perfect Mixtape

The mixtape is one of the most iconic cultural features of decades past. It creates an entire experience when you listen to it. To create the perfectly-crafted mixtape takes some finesse. It has the power to create new relationships or stop them from ever beginning.

Just because cassettes have now been relegated to museums does not mean the art of creating mixtapes is dead. The perfect mixtape is something everyone should still know how to do. Here are 7 things you need to know to make the perfect mixtape.

Know What Music the Listener Enjoys

Your mixtape should fit the musical tastes of the listener it is designed for. If it is for you, this is simple. However, if it is for someone else, you need to make sure you know what style of music they are into. This will ensure it has the greatest impact on them.

Choose a Theme

A mixtape without a theme is just songs put together haphazardly. You need to have the songs have some common thread between them. You can go by either the lyrics, song titles, moon, genre, or some other common theme.

Keep it Interesting

Although you want to stick to a theme, you also want to avoid having the listening get bored. Mix it up a bit by changing the style of the songs so that you don't have 5 songs in a row that sound like they are just a continuation of the same song.

Avoid Making it Too Long

Once a mixtape has told its story, it's time to close it out. Avoid making it long just because you have the space for more songs. There is nothing wrong with having a handful of great songs, but you can run into problems if you have 20 songs going on for two hours.

Keep the First and Last Song as Either Hard or Soft

You want the first and last song to be memorable ways to open and close out the mixtape. This is why you should play out the mixtape with something hard or soft. Your beginning song needs to feel like the beginning of a story whereas the last one being an epilogue.

Give it a Good Name

Every mixtape needs a good name. The best name is one that fits the theme of mixtape. What's even better is if you add "Vol. 1" at the end of the name, it indicates there are more amazing mixes to come.

Use a Cassette Flash Drive

Give your mixtape an old school style by loading it onto a cassette flash drive. This combination of modern and retro design and technology gives you the benefit of have your music digitized on a USB flash drive, along with the nostalgic feels you get from seeing an actual cassette sticking out of a USB port. This is by far the coolest way to listen to a mixtape and is sure to get people talking when they see it. you can even write a note on it, making this a perfect gift for a friend or loved one.

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